Why Choose A Minibus For Tours And Excursions

27 January, 2016
FBG_img_visaTourists desiring well-planned tours have their pick of transport from cabs, public buses and trams. But for an organized, safe experience, minibus services are a better choice. Why’s that,
you may ask, considering cabs are fast and trams and buses are cheap.  Read on to find out.
Minibuses are larger than vans but smaller than commercial buses. They have an intimacy that’s just right, not too personal but enough to start a conversation with strangers and make new friends. Being small, they accommodate around eight passengers. Larger models can go up to 20 people but if that’s the case, it might be wiser hiring a full-size bus.
Standard buses are large and in a busy city with traffic, it’s troublesome getting around. What if you have to make a stop but there’s no parking space or the vehicle’s too large to enter a spot? With a minibus, these issues are minimized and getting around a city is made easier.
Minibus services have dedicated chauffeurs who are courteous, well-trained and know their way around places. Some services also organize tours so if you’re wondering what the best tourist spots are, you can make enquiries for a hassle-free tour. The same may be done for excursions whether it’s an office, school or church that’s planning them.
Today’s minibuses are fitted with air-conditioning, cargo space is plenty and safety is given priority. Elderly passengers and children (child safety seats are usually available on request as are ramps for wheelchairs) can travel in comfort with no fear of untrained or rude drivers.
Minibuses are an affordable choice especially when travel
ing in a group. Taxis may be smaller and able to dart through narrow alleys but they’re expensive, run on a meter and don’t offer
discounts if you’re in a group. Minibus services, on the hand, usually cut down rates if booked for the entire day and when traveling in a group.
Insurance coverage is another benefit. Most services are insured so in the event of accidents, you won’t have to worry about medical bills. What is usually not covered is luggage so passengers are responsible for their belongings.
Hiring tips:
Customers looking for a stress-free minibus trip should
keep a few things in mind.
– Finalize the budget so that you aren’t given a nasty surprise when billed. Try to travel in a group to get a possible discounts. It’s more fun traveling with your peers too!
– Set a day or half a day aside to make full use of the
service. Ask for tour packages if you
aren’t sure where to travel. A set plan will not only yield more satisfaction but cost less as there won’t be aimless driving.
– People with disabilities who have trouble walking may need a ramp and will need a place to store their wheelchairs. Combined with luggage, you’ll need sufficient cargo space. Ask the service how large it is and whether baggage is covered under insurance.
 – Choose a reputable service; reputation counts because your safety is in the hands of the company. A service that’s been in the market for years rather than months knows what to expect and how to deliver its service in return for customer satisfaction. It is possible to enjoy all those advantages when you secure for yourself the minibus hire services of any of the leading transport companies.