Touring The Best Golf Clubs In Australia

20 September, 2016

Across the vibrant nation of Australia, from humid to pleasant areas, and from seaside to the city center, there are numerous golf course layouts designed to test your golfing skills, as well as provide you with an experience of breathtaking landscapes. Whether you take a maxi taxi in Perth or use bus charter in Melbourne, but don’t forget to visit these beautiful golfing spots:

Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Known to be the highest ranked golf club in Australia, and one of the best around the world, the Royal Melbourne Golf course was strategically designed by Dr. Mackenzie, who took into account all sorts of ages and abilities. While he designed the west course, Alex Russell was appointed to finish the East part. The expansive lush greenery of the resort is a complete treat for the eyes, and there’s no surprise in the fact that this impressive venue is host to some of the biggest golfing tournaments that include The President’s Club, Australian Open, World Cup of Golf and the Australian Open.

The National Golf Club

The National Golf Club, located on the Mornington Peninsula is a golfing retreat with its 3 distinct 18-hole courses, with luxury amenities for the golfers. Founded in 1988, this gem in the coronet of Australian Golf is one divine spot to experience the blissful coastal views of the region. You would certainly need more than a day to completely soak in the entire setup of this course. The Ocean, Moonah and the Old course together combines 54 golfing holes, each with a different aspect and challenge.

The Victoria Golf Club

The Victoria Golf Club

Talk about some of the globally recognized golfing tournaments in Australia and across the world, this venue has seen some of the best golfers battle it out to drill the ball into the hole. It was designed under the guidance of the popular Dr. Mackenzie, by Bill Meader and Oscar Damman, and continues to evolve up until today. Lush green complex with strategic bunkering and typical weather changes make for a tricky, yet fun-filled course. There are 15 cozy rooms provided for you to relax after, or in between in your golfing session.

Woodlands Golf Club

Surrounded by native plant species and green vegetation, the Woodlands Golf club was built in 1919, and it offers exceptional bunkering, along with comparatively small fairways. With more than 6000 metres of fairways, the lawn is spread across an area of 150 acres. The outfield is small in size, although tough and very fast, which tests the ability of a golfer making a shot. The club’s 4th hole is known to be one of the best in Australia. Since there’s a sharp bank on both sides to protect the greens, it is important to position the tee accordingly. The course is certainly a challenging one for those who are looking for a good hand play.

Barnbougle Lost Farm Golf Links

Offering one of the most challenging golfing experiences in Australia, the Lost Farm was created in 2010, inspired by the vivid backdrop of the Anderson Bay coastline. This 20-hole course has links spread along the coastline and throughout the dunes. The key highlight is to play the 5th hole, as there’s a possibility to sight an eagle in that range.