What Are The Different Transportation Options You Can Use When In Western Australia?

05 July, 2016

Western Australia is one of the most sought-after places to go to when planning to have a holiday vacation to the country. There are a lot of activities awaiting you, a list of breathtaking sights to captivate you and a great terrain waiting to be explored in this part of Australia. Whether you are after an outback adventure or you simply want to lie down and relax whilst catching a glimpse of the sea, going to Western Australia will always be a great idea. But wait. Have you ever thought of the different transportation options you can use as you travel? Here is a list to help you enjoy that wonderful escapade even more.

Bikes on trains

Bikes on trains

If you have been used to visiting places where riding a train is entirely different from riding a bike then your visit to Western Australia will definitely offer something new. Its concept of bikes and trains combined can be experienced with what it calls ‘bikes on trains’, a great mode of transportation around the area. What exactly are bikes on trains? This is when you can choose to combine a bike ride with a train ride. Just make sure you check how this system goes so you can easily take your bike and bring them with you as you ride Perth’s metropolitan trains.

Transportation for people with disabilities

Western Australia values the right of all people to travel no matter how young or old that person is or even when they have disabilities that need much attention and better access facilities for travel. This gives everyone an easier time whilst enjoying everything that needs to be seen around the area. Specific schedules of travel are given for these special commuters.

Free public transports

Yes, you read that right. The Western Australia Government offers a host of transportation choices, free public transports included. Visit Fremantle or Perth with these free public transport options. There is such a thing as the different Central Area Transit (CAT) options. Know more about the colour-coded CAT (there is red, yellow and blue) as well as the Fremantle CAT, all travelling within what is called as the Free Transit Zone.

Mini bus charters

Whether you are an international or interstate visitor, you will surely find much ease using mini bus charters all around Western Australia. This transportation option is growing in terms of popularity simply because it can accommodate a big family or even office workers going out on an outing in an unfamiliar place. Not only is a mini bus charter worth riding during a tour or an outing, you can even hire one during a special occasion. It can even conveniently bring you to the hotel or accommodation of your choice.

Looking for the perfect mini bus charter in Perth to serve your specific needs? Well, you need not go far anymore. Read through our pages and learn why we have become a popular choice amongst Western Australia visitors. Feel free to give us a call if you have some questions in mind and if you want us to look into your itinerary.